I will be remembered when I'm in heaven. People won't remember my name, but they will know the photographer who did that picture of that nurse being kissed by the sailor at the end of World War II. Everybody remembers that.

Alfred Eisenstaedt


JaSper v3.5 (© José M. Carnero)

Project in GitHub: github.com/jmcarnero/JaSper

JaSper is a multipurpose JavaScript library with the following features:

Modules included:


	$('').eventAdd('click', function(ev){
		$('//p').toggle(500); //XPATH don't work in IE
	}).eventAdd('mousewheel', function(ev){
		if(JaSper.funcs.windowPosition().indexOf('bottom') > -1 && ev.wheelDelta == -3) alert('end of page');
	}).eventAdd('custom_event', function(ev){
		alert('custom event');

Tested on Firefox.

Also works on Chrome and IE.

This site works with JaSper v3.5