Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow.

Imogen Cunningham


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My experience with YouPic.com (continued)

Yesterday they responded from the YouPic help desk to my request to delete my profile. Friendly […]

My experience with YouPic.com

Looking for a platform to publish my photographs and get feedback from others (good and bad) I […]


Demonstration of the Sony Alpha 7R V. A sample of the "practical" part of the presentation of […]


Basic economics

I was watching in Y0utube a small report by a Polish girl about what can be found in a supermarket […]

Football: Real Madrid vs Celtic

Result: That's the main square of Madrid, does it look like a garbage dump? Yes. That is the […]

football trash, cleaning


Ayer leyendo notizias me enkuentro kon las "revelaziones" de Narcís Serra en su período de […]


A little bit of street photo in the center of Madrid. The target was the woman in the […]



Acabo de pasar un fin de semana largo (de 4 días) lejos de casa. Antes de salir cargué el móvil; […]

Creía tener un buen control de mi cámara

De la que mas utilizo. Lo creía, sinceramente; independientemente de que mis fotos sean buenas o […]

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