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Steve McCurry




Datos EXIF
Fecha de captura:2020:12:03 17:58:03
Cámara:NIKON Z 6
Longitud focal:250 mm
Modo de medición:Múltiple segmento
Tiempo de exposición:1/30 seg
Apertura:f 5.6
Balance de blancos:Automático
Con flash:No

I like sunsets.


Especially when there are some clouds. The sky must be partly cloudy with the Sun setting reflecting its last rays. Depending on the height and shape of the clouds the colors vary a lot, just wait a moment to have a different palette. So when I see one that I think can be interesting I shoot from the moment I catch it until it gets completely dark.

I love sunsets. With very little effort, almost magical images are achieved. Like this one, just as it came out of the camera.


José M. Carnero

Thursday 3 de December de 2020 (17:58)

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