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My experience with (continued)


Yesterday they responded from the YouPic help desk to my request to delete my profile.

Friendly and correct response, as usual.

But this time they offered to convert my free profile account to "Premium", at no cost for one year; as an apology for the inconvenience. It's an interesting offer, of course, but it reaffirms me that they are only looking for paying customers and that the continuous "glitches" in the free profile are a way to incline users to paid profiles.

Perhaps over time I would have switched to a paid profile myself, if I had found enough reasons in the application and its ecosystem, but not in this way. If they have a free profile I think they should have it with all its consequences and treat users who want to stay in it in the same way as if they were paid. And I do not think a certain amount of junk advertising is bad in order to encourage you to move to the payment profile, but, I insist, without this having usage penalties (as has been the case).

If YouPic's only interest is paid users they should delete the free profile; or leave it with a time limit. But do not ban the user every few days.

The only logical conclusion is that a service that kicks me out every few days will continue to do so regardless of the type of account I use. A failure like that implies little stability and is independent of the account. If it is not a failure and it is intentional it is much worse. I think that is reason enough to stop using YouPic and to recommend that it not be used until they correct those types of "bugs".

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José M. Carnero

Wednesday 18 de January de 2023 (15:03)

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