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Datos EXIF
Fecha de captura:2022:11:22 18:48:05
Longitud focal:85 mm
Modo de medición:Múltiple segmento
Tiempo de exposición:1/100 seg
Apertura:f 5.6
Balance de blancos:
Con flash:

Demonstration of the Sony Alpha 7R V.


A sample of the "practical" part of the presentation of the Sony Alpha 7R V that Antonio Garci made in the facilities of Fotocasion, with the model Sara González.

The presentation, which was attended by far fewer people than I expected, was divided into two parts: presentation itself and product testing. Antonio's talk was quite pleasant, apart from all the roll that usually involves releasing the virtues of the product, it had many interruptions in the form of questions, which made it almost a conversation. Apart from that I liked to see Antonio in person, I already knew him from his Youtube channel: @AntonioGarci; it turned out to be as enjoyable and natural as shown on his channel. Little more I can also say about the model, Sara González, beautiful and professional; I think that all of us who dared to try the camera by putting its image on the sensor got a similar impression.

The camera is another matter. I was impressed by the advanced technology it incorporates, especially its autofocus and focus tracking capabilities while shooting in burst. But, given the professional segment to which it is intended and the price range in which it moves (€ 4500 only body), in the short time I had to try it I highlight two details that I did not like.

Noise management. The image is at ISO 400, taking advantage of the 61 megapixels I have made a remarkable crop looking to show the limits (and give it an artistic touch, or try at least), nothing surprising today. I have made a noise correction, trying not to deteriorate the details, I had to stop and let it be noticeable in the dark areas (look at the hat). That a camera like this makes good photos in good light conditions should not attract attention, that it shows so much noise at such a low ISO (400) with fair lighting is another issue.

Second the type of cards it supports: SD UHSII and CF Express type A. Well, I don't understand. Being Sony one of the promoters of XQD, why not make it compatible with that format?, which could include compatibility with CF Express type B, faster, among other things. With the size of RAW it has and the shooting speed it intends is something I can not understand.

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José M. Carnero

Sunday 27 de November de 2022 (14:09)

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